Tsunami Relief Work

After the Tsunami disaster in South Asia in December 2004 the Buddhist Federation of Norway (BFN) on initiative from former Tisarana President Tilak Perera, started a fundraising campaign among Buddhists and other people in Norway. The funds raised amounted to approximately ten million Rs,- Working closely together with the Tisarana Sri Lankan Buddhist association in Norway funds were allocated to Sri Lanka. Due to NBFs  close relation to Sri Lanka NBF found it convenient to work through our partners there in alleviating the sufferings of Tsunami survivors in Sri Lanka.

The secretary of MBBM, Mr. Neel Perera and the treasure of MBBM Mr. Sanath Balachandra and the Founder of Tisarana Mr.Sisira Wijesinha also attended to the inauguration ceremony.

Tisarana assistance has consisted of relief assistance through Malamulla Bauddha Bala Mandalaya (MBBM) as well as assistance through Mr. Gamini Gunasekera (Tsunami Flood Victim Program) in addition to sending two containers from Norway with collected items. Apart from these immediate relief works there, BNF/Tisarana main engagement has been the funding of a building project consisting of a housing block of eighth flats for Tsunami affected people. The project has been implemented by Ven. Morakandegoda Dhammaratana and the Malamulla Sri Sudarshana Bimbarama Viharastha Bauddha Bala Mandalaya (MBBM) in Panadura in Sri Lanka. The project Agreement was signed in August 2005 and the building was inaugurated on 24th of May this year marking a successful completion of BFN & Tisarana relief engagement in Sri Lanka

The engagement of the BFN in Sri Lanka has been managed by its Tsunami Relief Committee, consisting of Ms Shantana Berg, Ms Nirmala Eidsgård, Mr Egil Lothe, Mr Indika Perera and Mr Tilak Perera. Our partner in executing this project is the Malamulla Bauddha Bala Mandalaya (MBBM) led by Most Venerable Saddharma Keerthi Sri Morakandegoda Dhammarathana Thero of Sri Sudharshana Bhimbaramaya, Malamulla, Panadura. The project was started during the autumn of 2005. The MBBM has now successfully completed the project and the building will be inaugurated on Saturday May 24 at 2 PM.

Thursday the 24th.