Our History

The need for a Sri Lankan Buddhist organisation was increasing in early 90’s, with the growth of the Buddhist community in Norway. Sisira Wijesinghe took the initiative to discuss the possibilities of establishing such organisation. Finally, on the 7th of February 1993, Tisarana Buddhist Educational and Cultural Association was formally established with the participation of Ven. Paranagama Sumanaratana Thero from the Stockholm temple and Egil Lothe, President, of the Norwegian Buddhist Federation (NBF) together with many Sri Lankan Buddhists. Sisira Wijesinghe was appointed as the founder president together with Hasse Krystad as the secretary and Kjell Laskemoen as the treasurer.
Tisarana organised several events for the Sri Lankan Buddhists in Norway, with the annual Vesak celebration as the highlight of every year. Sisira Wijesinghe together with his committee continued these activities until 1998. Activities of Tisarana were reduced for a couple of years after that.
In 2001 Tisarana was revitalised through the initiatives of Egil Lothe and the Counsel General Vipula Wanigasekara. On the 27th August 2001, a new committee was appointed with Hasse Krystad as the president, Ajantha Allocious as the secretary, and Douglas Jayaweera as the treasurer. In addition to the continuation of organisation of Buddhist celebrations and ceremonies, a number of new activities were proposed at thismeeting. Ranjith Maginaarachchi proposed to start a singhala class, Piyaratne Samarkoon suggested to start a Dharma school and most importantly, Hasse Krystad proposed to establish a Sri Lankan Buddhist temple in Norway.
Tisarana held it’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 2nd June 2002 and the Hasse Krystad, Indika Perera and Douglas Jayaweera were appointed as the president, secretary and treasurer.
At the next AGM held on the 16th March 2003, Tilak Perera was appointed as the president while secretary and treasurer continued as before. At this meeting, Tisarana constitution was changed to extend the length of the executive committee for two years
On the 26th December 2004, Sri Lanka experienced the tsunami tragedy resulting in devastation of tens of thousands of lives and properties and infrastructure. Many Sri Lankans, Norwegians and other nationals living in Norway contributed to various relief activities in Sri Lanka. On this aspect, we convey our special appreciation to the Vietnamese Buddhist community in Norway, which has made a significant financial contribution. Tisarana initiated an emergency relief activity with food and cloths distribution for the displaced persons. The Norwegian Buddhist Federation initiated a major activity to build a housing unit for displaced persons, with Tisarana’s participation. Tisarana’s first webpage was developed by Niramala Eidsgaard in 2004.
The next AGM was held on the 9th April 2005, and Renuka Wijesekara was appointed as the President together with Harendra Angammana and Douglas Jayaweera and the secretary and treasurer. The membership decided to revise the constitution, and a committee consisting with past presidents & representatives. A dharma schools for children was initiated by Renuka Wijesekera
A new and functional webpage was developed by the John Keels Computes Services, Colombo. Chandani Ratnaweera appointed as the secretary on the 25th February 2006. The “Vas” celebration in 2006 with Ven. Kirindigalle Dhammaratana thero, Sanganayke of Scandinavia, was a turning point in the Tisarana history.
Tisarana established a temporary temple for this purpose with 3 months residency of Ven Dhammaratana thero together with continues daane and other religious activities. “Vas” celebration laid a firm foundation to the establishment of a Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple in Oslo. A committee was appointed with the chairmanship of Harsha Ratnaweera in May 2006 to coordinate the necessary activities. The temple establishment was then initiated as an independent project with activities, newsletters and meetings. This initiative strengthened the bonds of Tisarana with the Stockholm Buddhist Vihara and the Denmark Buddhist Viahara, with frequent events organised in Oslo with visiting Buddhist monks.

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