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Tisarana was established in 1993 by Sri Lankan Buddhists in Norway. Tisarana promotes the study of Buddhist philosophy both in theory and practice. It intends to increase the knowledge about Theravada Buddhist traditions among Buddhists and other interested living in Norway. It is affiliated to the Norwegian Buddhist Federation (Buddhistforbundet).

Tisarana is facilitating the celebration of Buddhist festivals and activities in Norway according to Sri Lankan traditions. Annual Vesak Celebrations and "Vas" celebration, the Buddhist school for children, lectures by Buddhist monks and other voluntary activities including the Tsunami relief work are among our activities. Ongoing activities to establish a Sri Lankan Buddhist temple in Norway take a special place.

At the present, Tisarana has about 160 members. The membership of Tisarana is open to all Sri Lankan Buddhists and their affiliates in Norway, who is interested in practising the teaching of the Buddha and interested in the principles of the Buddhist religion, and who is agreeable to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association, may apply for membership of the Association. There is no membership fee. By becoming member of Tisarana, you will secure invitations to, and information on various religious activities. You will also indirectly contribute to our Temple project through the Norwegian State Funding system.
Constitution of Tisarana
Application for membership:

Please fill the application and send it directly to the Buddhistforbundet, and Tisarana will receive a list of new members and their addresses.

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The management of Tisarana is carried out through its’ Executive Committee, which is appointed during the Annual General Meeting.
Tisarana Sri Lankan Buddhist Association - Office bearers for the year 2007-2009


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